Welcome! I'm Cinzia Maiorani Bach Flowers Therapist

“Treat the cause not the effect.”
Edward Bach

Bach Flowers are a natural, simple and universal therapeutic method that brings balance and harmony in mind and body.

In more than 20 years I've had the chance to meet and help many people, coming from diverse backgrounds, especially in the entertainment industry.

My knowledge and experience are the foundation for each of my clients' therapies, which are personal and unique.

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In which cases are the Bach Flowers useful?

Dissatisfaction, anxiety, depressive states, stress, insecurity, various phobias, pessimism, panic attacks, apathy, bitterness, anxiety, uncertainty, physical and psychological traumas, guilt feelings, nervousness, inferiority complex, apprehension, lack of concentration, restlessness, and in all cases of inner discomforts.

The Flowers restore Harmony, Optimism, Tranquillity and Wellness.

5 Reasons to Use Bach Flower Remedies

Action on all possible levels: The remedies act on all levels of those who take them – physical, emotional and mental; that's why they have an effect on ailments of all kinds.

No contraindications: The Flowers can be used by everyone, including infants, the elderly, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and all kinds of sick people. They can also be used to cure animals and plants.

No side effects.

Compatibility with all other therapies.

Selectivity: The Flowers act only on negative states and not on positive ones.